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Getting Started

The first thing that you’ll need to do is setup your first server public and secret key pair. This is used to configure the Wordpress plugin or a server to report attacks and provide block information. See the steps below:

First Steps

Keypair Setting up a Server key pair


Login to your account and select "Servers" from the navigation menu.


Enter a name for your server or Website being protected and click generate key.


Save the generated public key and secret key in a safe place. These will be used later in the Wordpress plugin or server configuration. The secret key will not be shown again for security purposes.

TIP - If you misplace your secret key you will need to remove this key pair and generate a new one.

WordPress Users

Plugin configuration
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Server Users

Configure your server
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Wordpress Installing the Wordpress Plugin

Setting up the Wordpress plugin is as easy as a few clicks


Login to your Wordpress WP-Admin area as an Administrator.


Click on "Plugins → Add New" in the left hand menu.


Search for "BruteBank" in the keyword search.


Click "Install Now" next to the BruteBank plugin.

Wordpress Configuring the Wordpress Plugin


Navigate to the "Plugins → Installed Plugins" section in the left hand menu.


Click "Activate" next to the BruteBank plugin.


Click "Settings" next to the BruteBank plugin.


Copy and paste the public key and secret key you created in the "Setting up a Server key pair" section under "Getting Started".


Click the "Update" button.

Your Wordpress plugin is now configured and reporting attacks to your mobile app!

Server Admins

Configure Server Server Configuration

Downloading the Server Log Scanner

Configure your sever using the information below.


As any user who has access to your log files, most likely root, download the zip file from here:


Unzip the file by typing "unzip". This will create a brutebank/ folder.


Change directories into the brutebank/ folder by typing "cd brutebank/."

Configuring the Server Log Scanner


Open the cron.php file in your favorite editor.


Update the public_key and secret_key variables using the key pair you created in the "Setting up a Server key pair" section under "Getting Started".


Update the log_path variable to where your logs are stored. Typically "/var/log/"


Optional - Update the scan method to identify the services you’d like to scan for. ( The default is ssh, mail, and smtp. Which scan the log files named: secure, maillog, and exim_mainlog respectively ).


Save the file and exit.


Create a cron entry to monitor the logs as follows. You can use the "crontab -e" as any user who has access to the log files. Swap out the "path_to_file" below with the path to the cron.php file. Most likely /root/brutebank/.
* * * * * php /path_to_file/cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1

Configuring your Firewall

We use the simple data feed format pioneered by,, and Which allows you to import rules into any compatible firewall platform. To access this data feed utilize the URL below swapping out the public_key and secret_key with your servers keys.

TIP - The the last variable in the URL is a boolean ( 0 or 1 ) that enables team rule sets. So that this server will also import blocks identified by other team servers. Typically you'll want this left on, or set to 1 as below.


FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Does BruteBank Cost?

    BruteBank for Wordpress is $29.95 per year. Server packages are available starting at $49.95 per month for five servers.

  • Where can I find the app?

    You can find the iOS app on the App Store

  • Can I invite other users to manage threats?

    Yes, you can invite an unlimited number of users to your team.

  • What are team rule sets?

    Team rule sets are blocks identified by other member of your team. You can configure the rule import URL to include or exclude team rules easily.

  • Where can I get support?

    You can contact our support team via our website at: BruteBank Support

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